My best seller – Avocado Face and Body Soap!


This soap is incredible! It smells absolutely wonderful – I would say like lemongrass, but other people have said lemon, orange, and (no great surprise) avocado. Usually people take one sniff and then they buy. It smells so good that one of my customers bought extra bars to scent her house, and I’ve used it to deodorize my luggage when I’ve gone on vacation. Plus it produces loads of lather, makes your skin feel fantastic, and lasts months. Although I usually use the Sonya Skin Care Collection on my face, Avocado Face and Body Soap is an excellent substitute if I can’t bring the Sonya with me. And frankly, you generally will not get a big, quality, well milled soap anywhere else at such a bargain price. Buy a few as holiday gifts (especially if you’re on a budget and can’t afford “big” gifts), but make sure to save some for you and your family. I’ve said this is my best seller – so if you become a Forever Living Products distributor, this soap might help make you rich!

Buy – and if you like – sign up as a New Distributor for an immediate 15% discount for life (minimum order $50) at

Price: $4.94 retail; $4.20 New Distributor Price; $3.45 Wholesale (for FLP Distributors at Assistant Supervisor and above)

PDF file with more information is here.

And here is a fantastic video.

Contact me at the phone or E-mail listed at the website or leave a comment if you have any questions.



Introducing “The Joy Of Aloe” and Forever Living Products!

Welcome to The Joy Of Aloe! Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! This site should be under construction for at least the next few days or weeks, but I wanted to start putting it together now so I can inform all my readers about Forever Living Products (aka FLP) in time for the holiday season! (Tomorrow is Black Friday). I was thinking of creating this blog earlier, but unlike the Big Stores, I think advertising Christmas/holiday sales prior to, say, November 20 (this year exactly one month before Hanukkah), is obscene.

What is so great about Forever Living Products?

  • Nearly all the products contain aloe vera (specifically, Aloe Barbadensis Miller), which is one of the best things you can put on (or in) your body. Aloe heals, hydrates, reduces pain, is full of vitamins and minerals, and can help boost both your immunity and your energy.
  • They make wonderful gifts, both for the holidays and for all sorts of special occasions.
  • They are essential to surviving the winter unscathed by colds or flu. 
  • They will protect and nourish your skin and hair in the face of cold, wind, and dryness.
  • They will help make your body fitter and healthier, especially after holiday indulgences. 
  • They are never tested on animals and the majority of the consumable products are vegetarian, kosher, and halal. (Let me know if you want to see the certifications)
  • And of course, virtually everybody needs a little (or a lot!) of extra money around the holiday, especially in these tough economic times, so this is great time to start a business. (And you can join FLP as a Distributor for free)

So, how does FLP work? You can just go on my website (same site as I linked above, if you want the full address). Then you can browse over 200 items, including drinkable aloe vera gels, luxurious skin care and body care products, cosmetics, weight loss products, bee products, and nutritional supplements (I particularly suggest you look at ARGI+!). You can buy the products at retail price if you wish, especially if you want only a few small items.

But what would be even better? You can become a Distributor. This is absolutely free, and you get a 15% discount for life. There is no obligation – the only hard and fast rule is that, as a distributor, when you make an order, it has to be at least $50. If you want to make one $50 order every 10 years, that’s fine with FLP. (I might give you a nudge a little more often!) You can also retail the products to your own customers, if you wish, and make an 18% profit, but if you just want to buy for yourself, that’s fine. On my site, you can just click where it says “Join Now”. (You can look at the “Opportunity” section.)

But then you can take a further step – if, once you sign up as a Distributor, you buy $321 US* within any 2 consecutive months (which might be quite easy if you’re buying lots of holiday gifts), you become an Assistant Supervisor in FLP. Your discount will go up from 15% to 30%, again, for life. And if you mean to build a business by retailing the products to customers, you will make a 43% profit. Even better, you can sign up other people to become Distributors and make a percentage of their sales! You will also get an additional 5% bonus on anything you buy for yourself or retail to others, and anything that a person you sign up as a Distributor buys or retails to others.

Oh, by the way, the bonuses are based on the retail price of the product, not the wholesale as with most other multilevel marketing companies. And it gets better and better as you move up the plan. Once you obtain a level in the plan (after Assistant Supervisor, you can become Supervisor, Assistant Manager, and then Manager – and you can go even beyond that!) you never lose it, again unlike other MLMs, and if you sign up some superstar as a distributor who whizzes up through the plan, you’ll whiz right up with him or her – there are no “pass-ups”. And if you become a Manager, there are even more ways you can earn income – and car bonuses, vacations and profit sharing.

And this is a truly international business. You can buy products and sign up from virtually anywhere in the world, and can sell to anyone on the planet. FLP is in over 170 countries. Frankly, I would love to have distributors from outside the US! How about Canada? I was in Vancouver in June and absolutely loved it. The UK? I’m a lifelong Anglophile – everything from Shakespeare and Chaucer to Purcell and Vaughan Williams to the Beatles, and, of course, Doctor Who. Australia and New Zealand? G’day mate! And I fell in love with New Zealand, just like everybody else did, after seeing the Lord of The Rings films. France? Italy? I’m an opera lover! Israel? Shalom! Salaam! Just about anywhere! I went to FLPs Super Rally in Washington, DC in August where 5,000 distributors from all over the world showed up. And I think I was hugged and kissed by virtually all of them 😉 . It’s one big happy family. You can display FLP’s websites, and get videos and training material, in at least 15 languages! (And you can sign up for your own website once you join FLP)

I do ask, however, if you want to join my downline, that you speak at least reasonable English so I can communicate with and help train you. Then again, if you can read this blog, that shouldn’t be a problem. My only other languages are French and Hebrew and they are not good enough for business dealings. (I like to joke that I know enough Hebrew to yell at G-d, but not a cab driver in Jerusalem!)

More to the point, FLP has been around for 33 years and has constantly built its sales even during bad economic times. They have never missed a bonus check, paid on the 15th of every month, in all that time. They have made people from all walks of life, all over the world, and from every kind of economic background healthier, happier, and financially free.

If you join and choose me as your sponsor, I will take very good care of you. I will give you the best advice and training I can and will always encourage you. And there are many, many other people you can turn to for help and support when you need it. You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. And it is your business. You will be the CEO of (Your Name), Inc., just as I am the CEO of Joy, Inc.

If you’re interested, click on my website and look around.  I also recommend that you browse the Discover Forever website so you can make an informed decision about becoming a Distributor. You may also contact me through the info posted on my site or leave a comment here. (If you want to call me, please note that I’m an observant Jew and will not transact business on Friday night or Saturday) And stick around, I’ll have much more info (including aforementioned pictures and videos) later!

* Please note that Forever Living Products measures Distributor achievement in units called “case credits” a.k.a “CCs”. In the US, a CC is $189 retail, $160.50 at New Distributor Price, and $132 once you become Wholesale Qualified (Assistant Supervisor or above). The actual amount may vary depending on your country and currency if you are outside the US.